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KAMMA (Keiko Kamma  菅間圭子)

Kamma studied comparative culture, graduating from the literature department of Seikei University, Tokyo. She started her career as a painter in the late 80’s and was awarded the Yasuda Kasai Art Foundation Prize as well as the L’Œil prize from L’Œil French art magazine. She moved over to contemporary art in the early 90’s by presenting a conceptual photograph series of ‘Ready-Made’ Phenomena, in which she captures on the streets of Europe, Africa, and Asia ARTISTIC and ART-LIKE phenomena that recall to her abstract expression or contemporary art, using a ‘CUT-UP’ photograph technique, to present “art that already existing within the mind”. The subject matter of “art existing as a phenomenon without the need of creation” has formed the foundation of her art work since then. She has developed her artistic expression mainly through installation and performance and has participated in many art and performance festivals held in France, Italy, Canada, USA , Africa and Japan since 1997. 

In her works, a consistent state of “abandonment” is exhibited. Here the exhibited objects, including goods, texts, sounds and images appear seemingly unrelated to each other, yet function as a form of mirror reflecting the audience’s internal thought, creating a new poetic association between each fragment through the consciousness of the audience. This work is exhibited as an installation, yet Kamma refers to its form as ‘material poetry’.


■Selected exhibition:“Abandoned Desire Fetishism”(solo. Art Lab TOKYO, 2018), “Con/Per/ceptual exhibition-disappearing” (curation. Art Lab TOKYO, 2018), “Living Life”(Gallery Zeinxeno, Seoul, Korea, 2017), “Mustanglers”(Shibuya Hikarie 8/cube1,2,3 Tokyo, 2017 ), “JUXTAPOSITION” (Kentaro Chiba+Keiko Kamma, Art Lab TOKYO, 2016), “RAVY Festival 2014”(performance. Installation. Yaunde, Cameroon), "Artnexus-BLUE PLATFORM Exhibition"(Hikarie, Shibuya, Tokyo, 2014), “ANDY WARHOL INSPIRED EXHIBITION” (ITOCHU AOYAMA ART SQUARE, Tokyo, 2014), “The Invisible Realms” (solo. Art Lab. AKIBA, Tokyo, 2013), “’Ready-Made’ Phenomena” (solo. Art Lab. TOKYO, Tokyo, 2012), “Agua de Beber” (performance. Shinko Pier Exhibition Hall / Yokohama Triennale : special associated program, “Inter Azioni XXIV” / Festival Internazionale di Perfomance Arts, Videoarte e Installazioni, Sardegna, Italy, 2011), “GIRLY 2010”(Kawasaki City Museum, Kawasaki, 2010), The UK-Japan project, “Between time and space” (Commemorative Exhibition of the 1300th Anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital, Heijo Palace Site, Nara, 2010), “Non/Appearance” (Dada Docot / Philippines + Keiko Kamma. The exhibition presented the collaborative video by the two artists between Manila and Tokyo through the internet. Ginza Art Lab, Tokyo, 2009), “Tsuki - The Moon” (UK-Japan Project, Kodai-ji temple, Kyoto, 2008), “The Niagara Tale”(solo. FusionArts Museum, New York, 2006), “The Broken Word Performance”(performance. Articule, Montreal, Canada, 2006), “Heavy Water – an exhibit honoring the life and art of Enrico Baj”(FusionArts Museum, New York, 2006), “Visualeyez 2004”(performance. Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture, Edmonton, Canada, 2004), “COMUNIQUE”(Tribes Gallery, New York, 2003)


■Art Fair: “Art Fair Tokyo”(2015, 2016) , “CITIZEN ART SHANGHAI”(Shanghai, 2012)

■Education: BA in Literature, Seikei University, Tokyo

菅間圭子はインスタレーションやパフォーマンス、写真、絵画、映像、サウンドといったメディアで制作し、1997年からはヨーロッパ、アメリカ、カナダ、アフリカ、日本などのアート/パフォーマンス・フェスティバルにたびたび招待出品。欧米やアジア各所の街でとらえた「アート」を感じさせる瞬間をカメラによって切り取るコンセプチュアルな「’Ready-Made’Phenomena」シリーズのほか、具象と抽象のキワをゆく絵画なども。2007年ニューヨークで個展。京都の寺や奈良の平城宮跡での野外展示、渋谷ヒカリエなどでも数回展示。2019年3月には米国・イーストンで2人展(IF Museum)。アートラボ・トーキョーのディレクターとしてキュレーションも。2020年東京都の「アートにエールを」企画で、無観客ライブにて行ったサウンドと映像とライブペインティング作品「BEYOND COVID-19」が選出された。2021年東京ビエンナーレ「優美堂再生プロジェクト・にくいほどやさしい千の窓展」出品。

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